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We craft beautiful and functional web applications, use AI and machine learning to analyze big data and develop superfast apps & e-commerce.

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Our services

With over 15 years in the market of cutting edge solutions we are not just developers, we are explorers of the land of future.

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Big Data

We have developed extremely vertical skills that allowed us to create tools currently used by Fortune 500 companies for analyzing and visualizing big data from social and mass media.

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Custom Software

We create top-notch custom software from start to end with in-house development teams. Software integration is our area of excellence as most custom projects require broad experience of integration best practices and frameworks.

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Web Applications

We develop beautiful and functional web applications designed to exceed our customer's needs. When developing we focus on high performance, security, scalability, and first-class user experience.

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Mobile Apps

We develop complex Mobile Applications (IOS / Android) for top-tier companies. We created apps both for consumer use and enterprise use. We have experience in building: social media, e-commerce, marketing apps, and apps for company internal use.

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Omnichannel Commerce

Solutions that allow our clients to reach their customers and convert sales at any point of the buying journey. We partnered up with Commerce Layer in order to develop services for big e-commerce players.

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Omnichannel Commerce

Jamstack Development

Our approach guarantees faster performance, more security, and total scalability to ultra-challenging structures. Our web projects aim to tackle big architectures while adopting a simplification method that results in super-quick loading.

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Ruby on Rails



React Native

















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