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Enabling digital innovation

We craft beautiful and functional web applications, use AI and machine learning to analyze big data and develop superfast e-commerce for top tier companies.

Big Data

We help companies like Instagram, Mazda and Tesco to get insights from social media. We developed Pulsar, an impressive Cassandra db on Amazon EC2 Cloud, an AI tool that analyzes millions of data and organises it in 100+ visualizations.

Web Apps

We craft beautiful UX with Rails and React, from concept to launch, through a lean and agile development process. We're working on HeadBox and Estra.

Machine Learning

We can add intelligence to your applications with recommendation engines, clustering, classifiers and deep learning. We work with Apache Spark and graph database.


We provide user experience and mobile app development for iOS and Android, turning concepts into reliable and easy to use apps with outstanding design.


Extendi provides its customers complex tech solutions, web applications and big data analysis tools with a top-notch user centered design via dedicated operation teams and the use of AI. Founded in 2005, Extendi is today a prominent tech company serving some of the fastest growing and leading businesses across Europe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide our customers with the best insights for digital transformation, anticipating their needs and offering them the most advanced tech solutions.


A constantly growing team of 25+ highly trained experts with strong background in web engineering, AI, UX design and software development.


Jamstack, Commerce Layer, React, Node.js, Rails, Python, Go, Serverless, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Cassandra, Solr, Spark, Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, Graph database.


We love to meet people and talk about promising new ideas.