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Microservices for headless commerce platform

Commerce Layer is a headless commerce platform that has raised over $16 million in Series B round. Commerce Layer came to Extendi in order to find a tech partner that would develop microservices linked to its platform.

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A screenshot of the hosted checkout app.
Estra mobile app

Pay your bills, manage your expenses and keep under control all your utilities’ contracts with the brand new Estra app.

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A screenshot of the Estra app
LEGO® mobile app

LEGO® came to Extendi seeking a partner to develop its Italian e-commerce app. We created a beautiful and engaging App using Commerce Layer's API and a Headless approach.

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Screenshot of the Lego's mobile app
Family of integrated software for multiutility

With over 1 billion€ in annual revenues Estra is a major player in central and southern Italy. Estra Group came to Extendi in order to develop a family of software for managing budget allocation, e-procurement and sponsorship programs.

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Screenshot of the Estra's website development workflow.
Events booking App, with a charity twist

We developed Thru, an app where event managers and organizers can invite VIPs and guests to an event. In order to get the event’s ticket, a donation is required.

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A screenshot of the Thru booking app
Estra Group Website

Estra Group is a multi-utility company operating in the sales of natural gas, electricity and ultra fast fiber connectivity with over 1 billion€ in annual revenues. Extendi developed from scratch Estra's new website using JAMstack: a new approach to building big and complex websites.

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An isometric illustration of Estra's website.
Social media mining

Pulsar is fast growing audience intelligence company based in London. We have developed Pulsar's technologies that enable organizations to understand and draw insight from online conversations across a fast-evolving set of global social media platforms, traditional media and data sources.

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A screenshot of PULSAR's dashboard.
IoT Dashboard

Pnat is a University of Florence's spin-off company. Pnat hired Extendi to develop a IoT Dashboard that gathers data from chips installed into trees, store the data in cloud and perform predictive analysis on it.

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Pnat's team
Marketplace with bookings and CRM

HeadBox is a SaaS enabled marketplace for meetings, offsite and event spaces. Extendi developed the web application HeadBox runs on, a complex structure that automates procedures such as: space listing, mapping, booking, automated quoting, additional options, payments etc.

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A screenshot of Headbox homepage.
Supply Chain Software for Fashion Industry

The client came to Extendi in order to develop a supply chain software that would ease communication between production, merchandising and buyers.

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A screenshot of the fashion industry web app.