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Estra Group

Estra Group is a multi-utility company operating in the sales of natural gas, electricity and ultra fast fiber connectivity. With over 1 billion€ in annual revenues Estra is a major player in central and southern Italy. We have been working for Estra for over 9 years.

Estra's main office.

Corporate Website with JAMStack

Estra needed to renew its outdated website and came to Extendi in order to develop a superfast and reliable website.

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Project Highlights

Extendi developed from scratch a new website using JAMstack, a new approach to building big and complex websites. JAMstack is based on a very simple concept: delivering a static frontend to users and using APIs to supply part of the data.

This approach has many advantages when compared to a traditional dynamic site: content is delivered faster since is on a client-side server, it's easy to scale since static requests respond immediately and guarantees maximum security since the database is not hitted.