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Benefits & perks

Extendi is a fantastic place to work at. Here is why:

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Remote working

Work from remote, wherever
you want.

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International team

We hire and work internationally. Just make sure you are up at CET.

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Flexible Hours

Work flexible hours as long as you get things done.

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Health insurance

Company health insurance will cover most of your health and dental expenses.

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Apple devices

You'll get a top-of-the-range Apple MacBook Pro.

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Free food

When in headquarters you get free food, snacks e coffee.

Be one of us

If your profile does not match the job listings you can still upload your CV to the spontaneous application tab, we will keep it and contact you

Hiring process

Over the years, we’ve mastered how to effectively select and hire the best talent. Here is what to expect.

First interview

In the first interview with the candidate, soft skills and technical knowledge are assessed. Be prepared to answer questions like:

  • Tell us about the most complex problem you have worked on.

  • Have you ever invented a service or a product?

  • What is your level on a particular framework/technology?

Technical evaluation

If the first interview goes well, we will assign you a little project in order to fully assess your skills. You will have a week of time, this way you can work with no hurry or stress.

Hiring proposal

If the candidate exceeds the interview and the technical evaluation, we will send an offer.

Come on board! Learn more about Extendi

Founded in 2005, we are today a prominent tech company serving some of the leading businesses across Europe.

Employee handbook
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“We are committed to creating a comfortable and easygoing work environment as we value above all the wellbeing of our people. We believe in the happiness multiplying effect: happy people who genuinely love their work are more productive, more serene, and more successful. We encourage risk-taking and our leaders lead by example.”


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