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The future of e-commerce is headless. You will have greater freedom of expression for your brand, a better experience for your customers and the opportunity to flexibly manage the different sales channels.

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Headless architecture for composable commerce

The headless approach focuses on the separation between commerce functionalities (backend) and their presentation layer (frontend). This provides brands with greater freedom of expression and the ability to create personalized experiences for customers.

A headless platform allows brands to quickly implement new features and enhancements, and by offering greater scalability and flexibility, it enables brands to adapt quickly to changing market needs.

Composable commerce for an omnichannel strategy

Composable commerce provides the technical foundations to achieve omnichannel, allowing companies to offer a consistent and personalized experience to customers, regardless of the channel chosen for making the purchase.

The evolution of commerce

Headless technology will play a pivotal role in the future of commerce

Some of the best brands have intercepted this revolution and are investing heavily in composable commerce.

Whether you are a retailer that is starting to sell online or digital-native company that is opening retail stores, whether you operate B2B or B2C, our integrations will help you in the transition to an omnichannel approach to sales.

Consumers are increasingly focusing on the buying experience. Omnichannel commerce centers on things like click and collect, buy online and return in-store or vice versa, purchase through voice assistant devices or wearable devices, and many many more.

Commerce Layer Partnership

Early on its launch we partnered with Commerce Layer: a unique and fast growing headless commerce platform.

Commerce layer partnership
Headless approach

A new approach to traditional e-commerce that have been struggling with monolithic architectures

Omnichannel ready

A model based on connecting all sales channels seamlessly, from physical to digital

Jamstack developement

Faster, more secure, easy to scale and resilient. The future of e-commerce

Case Studies

Commerce Layer: microservices for headless commerce

Commerce Layer is a headless commerce platform that has raised over 16 million $ in Series B round. Commerce Layer came to Extendi in order to find a tech partner that would develop microservices linked to its platform.

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A screenshot of the hosted checkout app.
LEGO®'s e-commerce app

LEGO® came to Extendi seeking a partner to develop its Italian e-commerce app. We created a beautiful and engaging App using Commerce Layer's API and a Headless approach.

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Screenshot of the Lego's mobile app
Talent Garden: checkout app

Talent Garden commissioned us to develop a checkout to integrate with the Commerce Layer commerce engine to complete transactions quickly and efficiently.

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