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Jamstack is a new web development practice based on the core principles of pre-rendering the entire frontend and decoupling the front from the backend. JAM stands for JavaScript, API & Markup.

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Faster performance, more security and total scalability to ultra challenging structures

Jamstack is the most modern way to create websites. Thanks to Headless CMS such as Contentful the content can be deployed in many different outputs via APIs.

Jamstack structure vs Traditional web development structure.

Jamstack benefits

Traffic spikes

Can be handled easily because we don’t have to use server-side rendering for every single page requested.

Round-the-clock uptime

Is guaranteed thanks to atomic deploys and by using a CDN, the application is served from a range of distributed locations.

SEO optimization

Time to first byte is a key factor to really improve SEO. Jamstack guarantees blazing fast loads.

Ecommerce conversions

Wherever the user's location is, static and CDN-served applications will be ultra-fast across the web.

Security threats and vulnerability

No longer a problem since most of the processing and sensible data are handled in the API layer

New features and updates

Decoupling the frontend allows to scale, update, and improve each bit without interference.

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We are Contentful Solution Partners

Contentful is our CMS of choice when developing with Jamstack. Over the years we’ve come to the conclusion that Contentful is the most easy-to-use, flexible, and reliable headless CMS around.

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Contentful Solution Partners

Case Studies

Estra: Group Website

Estra Group is a multi-utility company operating in the sales of natural gas, electricity and ultra fast fiber connectivity with over 1 billion € in annual revenues. Extendi developed from scratch Estra's new website using JAMstack: a new approach to building big and complex websites.

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An isometric illustration of Estra's website.
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