Our method

Discover why billion-dollar corporations like Estra have chosen us, and how we helped startups scale to global companies, like Pulsar or Commerce Layer.

Project phases

Usually, we follow this order


We study the project by collecting the information needed to write user stories and technical specifications.


After the analysis, we make an estimate, either as a whole or for a single development sprint based on the type of project.


Let's move on to development by adopting the Kanban methodology and an Agile approach.


Bugs can be very costly, that's why we test all features before release.


We release the software on your systems or we identify with you the most suitable provider and tools such as Docker and Kubernetes.

Assistance and maintenance

After the release we can consider allocating a team for assistance and maintenance.


Approach to development

We adopt the Kanban methodology, providing the customer with total visibility of the activities carried out. Each macro activity (Sprint theme) will be associated with an Epic and then translated into a User Story. These will give rise to the individual Tasks that will enter the Kanban flow.


We communicate using your favorite tools, we are always open and available for dialogue and proactive in solving problems. Our goal is to establish a solid partnership.

For this reason, even if the allocation of resources for the single sprint may be dynamic, we will identify a Team Leader and a PM who will be the two interfaces (technical and managerial respectively) that will never change and with whom you can interface continuously .


Time is very important for us too, being punctual in delivering the project is a priority. Our time is divided between project study and development, giving us the opportunity to create cutting-edge, safe and effective software.

We believe testing is a fundamental part of our work, it allows us to improve the software until it reaches our very high quality standards.

Our competitive advantages

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Flexibility and speed

One of the things that managers and owners appreciate the most about our approach to work is our flexibility and responsiveness to their evolving demands. Many times we were brought in because consulting firms and big partners were not able to pivot as fast as required by the client. Our adaptability allows us to fill the gap between internal IT departments and big tech partners that are too slow to deliver due to their intensive use of procedures. Innovation should be incremental, fast, and disruptive, here is where Extendi comes in. Extendi is flexible and fast enough to quote, approve, start developing, and integrating software that a big consulting firm would simply take months to study pre-requirements.

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No overheads, no overprice

Our organization is fairly lean and exceptionally organized. We are mostly software engineers and developers. We don’t have operating costs and incentivize remote working. This allows us to maintain a very competitive pricing strategy and offer premium developments for reasonable prices. We are able to create value both for the customer and our employees who are guaranteed some of the best benefits when compared to other industries or bigger companies.

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No outsourcing

We do very few things but we do them very well. We choose since the beginning to focus only on specific areas and decided to never outsource our services to third parties. We care about preserving our integrity and keeping all the know-how in-house. So when clients assign a project to us they know that the project will be developed and supervised internally with maximum confidentiality.

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Direct contact with operating PMs

We don’t believe in account managers and paper-pushers. We know that when clients have inquiries, they want to talk to someone who is actually able to understand and give an answer immediately. All of our “account managers” retain technical knowledge and operating experience, they are able to use their intuition and expertise to provide the best solutions for our clients without back and forth mailing and time waste.

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