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Hackathon with LocatorAPI

The Extendi team immersed themselves in a hackathon with the goal of building a complete system to calculate the shortest path between two points, leveraging the LocatorAPI API. From the backend with Dijkstra's algorithm to the frontend in React, discover how we addressed the challenges, implementing extra features for a personalized travel experience, and how we brought the map to life with evocative animations.

By Isidoro Allegretti

Marketing and sales

4 December 2023

Hackathon with LocatorAPI

Our recent winter hackathon was a true triumph of creativity and ingenuity, where we tried our hand at designing a complete system for calculating the shortest path between two points using the LocatorAPI. The goal was clear: implement a shortest path algorithm, leveraging the power of the LocatorAPI API, and create an intuitive user interface to visualize the optimal path.


We have taken full advantage of the features of the LocatorAPI to manage location data efficiently. The integration has been clean, keeping the code tidy and easily understandable. Scalability has been a priority for all teams, ensuring that solutions can handle large point sets without compromising performance.

Backend and optimal path search

To address the challenge, all teams opted for Dijkstra's algorithm, a classic but robust approach to calculating the shortest path in a graph. The implementations aimed for maximum correctness, speed and efficiency, ensuring a rapid response even with a significant number of points on the map.

A personalized trip

We have implemented extra features, allowing the user to insert intermediate stages or specify a travel autonomy. For example, let's consider a vehicle with a limited range and calculate the optimal route that minimizes stops, taking into account refueling stations along the way.
Frontend and simplicity
For the frontend, we chose React for its flexibility and ease of development. The user interface has been carefully designed to ensure simple and effective navigation. Users can easily enter departure and arrival points, as well as any intermediate stops.

The result with a touch of creativity

The map with the calculated route was presented in an attractive way. We added visual elements, such as custom markers and dynamic lines that animate along the path, making the experience more beautiful, engaging and understandable.
The end result was surprising. The teams presented a variety of applications, highlighting our team's ability to marry the backend with an intuitive and engaging frontend. The flexibility and reliability of LocatorAPI's APIs were evident, allowing teams to focus on building customer-focused solutions without having to reinvent the wheel.


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Marketing and sales

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