About us


We are a software house born in the heart of Florence in 2005, founded by a group of friends who are passionate about technology. Today, we are a company with clients all over the world, but our passion for the world of software and innovation remains the core of our identity.


Our mission at Extendi is to create software solutions that simplify and improve people's lives. We are guided by the values of efficiency, simplicity, flexibility, and attention to detail.

Full remote working

At Extendi, we fully embrace the full remote work approach. This means that we not only enable our employees to work from home, but we actively promote remote work as an integral part of our corporate culture.

Representative office in Florence

We maintain a representative office in Florence, the city where our history began. This office serves as a symbol of our roots and as a meeting place for team members who may be working from Florence or visiting the city.

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