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Commerce Layer

Commerce Layer

Commerce Layer is a headless commerce platform that has raised over 20M $ in fundings. Whether you’re building a single-product store or an international ecommerce website to process millions of orders, Commerce Layer provides all the APIs and developer tools you need to make any digital experience shoppable, anywhere. We have been working for Commerce Layer for over 3 years.

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Microservices for headless commerce

Commerce Layer came to Extendi in order to find a tech partner that would develop two microservices linked to its platform: a store locator and a hosted checkout.

Microservices headless commerce

Hosted Checkout

Application for ecommerce

An application within Commerce Layer's ecosystem. Each organization registered to Commerce Layer benefits from the hosted checkout app and can tailor how its customers interact with it.

After exploring the flow of the application, the screens required to complete the checkout, the various scenarios the users encounter, and the interface elements that can be customized by the organization, we extracted the new components to add to the existing React library which is used by the application we developed. The checkout application uses the SDK from Commerce Layer for the calls to the APIs necessary for the implementation of the checkout.

The application has been tested in every aspect and scenario. The framework used was cypress, which allowed us to carry out tests directly on the browser and on the interface itself. We set up a continuous integration pipeline, in order to run the test suite automatically.

A screenshot of Hosted Checkout app (Commerce Layer)

Store Locator

Application for retailers with ecommerce

A vertical application for managing physical stores of any type of business that needs to show the stores on a map, with information like timetables and integration with e-commerce.


  • Headless content via API

  • Ship and pickup in-store

  • Store events/appointments management

  • Photo gallery

  • Find Item in store

  • Reserve in store

  • Chat/contact the store

  • Synchronization with Google Business

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Commerce Layer

Project Highlights

The technology stack we used for the Hosted Checkout is Next.js / TypeScript / TailwindCSS

The code is inside a customer-provided git repository

For the Store Locator we used a JS SDK for using the API; React / Vue / Angular libraries for Gatsby integration with GraphQL

The database is PostgreSQL with timescaleDB extension

Meet the manager behind the project
Filippo Conforti profile picture.

Filippo Conforti

Commerce Layer CEO

Filippo Conforti founded Commerce Layer in 2017 after 15 years of working for top-tier companies both as an IT executive and consultant. His vision toward a headless future allowed him to build a successful company and we are very glad to be part of this success since day one.

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