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Estra Group

Estra Group is a multi-utility company operating in the sales of natural gas, electricity and ultra fast fiber connectivity. With over 1 billion€ in annual revenues Estra is a major player in central and southern Italy. We have been working for Estra for over 9 years.

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A brand new app, used by 70.000+ clients

Estra came to Extendi to develop an app where its customers can monitor their energy and gas consumption and pay bills. We delivered a customizable app with a fresh and modern design.

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Manage bills

With this app, Estra clients can easily manage their bills, share, save and organize them. Users can pay directly in-app with a credit card and have all their bills in one place.

Monitor expenses

With some cool graphics and 3D illustrations, this app allows clients to monitor and visualize their expenses and consumption.


An all-in-one touchpoint with the consumer: Estra can provide powerful customer care via this app and always be there when the client needs it.


Project Highlights

We used React Native for developing the IOS and Android app.

Content is served via Contentful.

We automated the development and release process through Fastlane platform.