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Estra Group is a multi-utility company operating in the sales of natural gas, electricity and ultra fast fiber connectivity. With over 1 billion€ in annual revenues Estra is a major player in central and southern Italy. We have been working for Estra for over 10 years.

Estra's main office.

Emma: a software family

Estra Group was dealing with an outdated method for managing budget allocation, e-procurement and sponsorship programs. This led Extendi to develop Emma, a family of integrated softwares that radically changed the way Estra copes with budgeting, suppliers and sponsorship programs.

Emma, a family of integrated softwares

Here is a brief description of the software and the problem they solve

Emma Budget

Software for budget allocation

The problem Estra faced was that their management was missing a tool providing budget vision at a glance. Extendi developed Emma Budget to solve this issue.

Emma Budget is a software that allows the management to have a clear view over the allocated budget and the residual. Its dashboard shows through an easy to read interface how the resources are progressively being used as well as the difference between estimated costs and costs currently invoiced.

Emma Budget's system highlights the budget by cost centers. Each cost center has a series of related contracts. Contracts are made by the sum of related projects and within the projects there are individual activities. (Cost Center > Contracts > Projects > Single Activities). Emma Budget aggregates all information communicating with all Estra's systems starting from single activities budget and invoices and going up.

A screenshot of Emma Budget Software for budget allocation

Emma Suppliers

Software for suppliers onboarding and quote approval

The problem Estra faced was that their suppliers onboarding and quote approval process was extremely outdated with foremost operations done manually via back and forth emailing and much paper waste.

Extendi developed Emma Suppliers, a software serving for total suppliers management. Emma Suppliers main functions are supplier directory management and onboarding/quote approval automation flows.

Emma Suppliers top feature consists of an intelligent flow with different levels of user hierarchies where quotes can be uploaded by the supplier, viewed and pre-approved by buyers and sent to management for final approval, then sent to administration for system integration and archive. All quotes and additional data are archived in the cloud. This system allowed Estra to boost its efficiency and avoid all kinds of mistakes in supplier management.

A screenshot of Emma Suppliers Software

Emma Sponsors

Software for sponsor requests validation and approval process

Due to the large number of sponsorship requests that arrived every month to Estra contact portal, company management requested Extendi to develop a digital solution that would make the validation and approval process quick and traced. Emma Sponsors was born, an intuitive and easy to use software for sponsor request gathering and signing.

First, through Estra's Sponsors Portal the applicant registers by filling a detailed form with all the information regarding the sponsorship. Then Estra's marketing team can access Emma Sponsors Platform to review all the sponsorship requests. When the marketing approves a request this is sent to an area manager through Emma Sponsor. The area manager who receives the request can decide whether or not to accept it. If the request is accepted, the form is sent to final approval to upper management. When final approval comes, Emma Sponsor automatically generates a series of documents related to the sponsorship agreement.

Emma Sponsor allowed Estra to make its sponsorship approval process superfast, reliable, and traced in cloud systems.

A screenshot of Emma Sponsors Software
Meet the manager behind the project
Dennis D'Amico profile picture.

Dennis D'Amico

Estra Group CMO

Dennis D'Amico is the genius mind behind all Estra's projects developed by Extendi. Thanks to his vision Extendi was able to partner up with Estra in the quest of developing new processes and technologies that have helped Estra embrace digital innovation. We are extremely pleased to have the chance to develop softwares for such visionary yet pragmatic figures like Dennis whose guidance has improved Estra's value, both as a brand and as a customer centric company.

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