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Fashion Industry

A global brand

One of the biggest players in the fashion industry with billions € in annual revenues. We have been working for this company for over 8 years.

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Software for production and distribution

The client came to Extendi in order to develop a supply chain software that would ease communication between production, merchandising and buyers.

A screenshot of the Fashion Industry Software.
A screenshot of the Fashion Industry Software.
Extendi developed a software that allows management to have a clear vision of when products are finished and ready to ship across the world.

The software is totally integrated in the supply chain systems that the client uses, and represents the joining link between the production line and the distribution. Through the dashboard the management can track line and product families production status, availability and storage.

The software aim is to represent clearly from production output files the state of the art of products availability, orders and delivery date range forecast from continents to single countries through a very granular view, all in real time.

Supply Chain Integration

Production Management Software Integration

Distribution Software Integration

Fashion Industry

Project Highlights

Fresh and dynamic frontend with React backed by a Ruby on Rails API

Sidekiq background jobs to keep data in sync with supply chain infos

Daily notifications for discrepancies

Easy deployment with docker compose on Amazon ECS.