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Pnat (project nature) is an University of Florence's spin-off company. Pnat provides consultancy and develops solutions for private companies and NGOs in the field of science applied to botany. We have been working for Pnat for over 2 years.

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Anticipating falls' damages

As many know, vertical green maintenance is a big part of public spaces management, this is because of the high risk trees expone when events like strong winds and water bombs occur. A large branch could break or even the whole tree could fall causing damage to people and property.

The idea

Pnat idea was to install chips on trees that would diagnose in real time their health status, with the end goal of anticipating events like breaking or falling by planning pruning and cutting maintenance actions ahead.

Our contribution

Pnat came to Extendi in order to develop a IoT solution that would help them with their project. Extendi joined as tech partner in order to develop a dashboard that would allow Pnat to gather all data from chips, store the data in cloud and perform predictive analysis on it.

Added value

Extendi provided not only the backend structure and the AI application for the project but also developed a beautiful and easy to read dashboard that Pnat can access in order to monitor trees' health status.

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Project Highlights

We used React and Ruby on Rails to create a tool to let organizations manage and monitor installed groups of trees and devices.

Google Cloud platform with IoT Core, Pub/Sub and Cloud Functions to ingest telemetry events on TimescaleDB, an extension of PostreSQL to quickly and easy manage timeseries data.

Meet the manager behind the project
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Camilla Pandolfi

Pnat CEO

Camilla Pandolfi is a brilliant mind with a strong background on plant stress physiology, biomimetics, and space life science. She has worked in Australia where she researched plant growth and had her postdoctoral at the Advanced Concepts Team of the European Space Agency (ESA), in the Netherlands. Since 2015 she is fully dedicated to the management of Pnat and research activity at University of Florence.

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