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Pulsar, with a revenue of 5+ million £, is fast growing audience intelligence company based in London, UK. Its technology enables organizations to understand and draw insight from online conversations across a fast-evolving set of global social media platforms, traditional media and data sources. Pulsar was recently acquired by Access Intelligence, a UK company listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. We have been working for Pulsar for over 10 years.

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AI, ML, API, Frontend and Backend Structure

Pulsar came to Extendi searching for a tech partner able to develop revolutionary instruments that would allow companies and organizations to analyze and understand billions of online data.

A screenshot of Pulsar Platform.
A screenshot of Pulsar Platform.
A screenshot of Pulsar Platform.
Since our partnership began Extendi has been creating AI tools and machine learning systems to provide Pulsar with new ways to investigate, gather and visualize data.

Extendi represents today a big part of Pulsar and thanks to this partnership both companies were able to grow fast.

Image Detection

Clustering Segments

Real Time Gender & Language Detection

Content Spread

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Project Highlights

A billion requests per day on AWS

Cassandra cluster with 24 TB

Solr cluster with 12 nodes and 6B

Indexed docs on AWS

Elixir for faster Solr indexing

Kafka cluster to process real-time

Streaming data

Serverless AWS


30+ external API orchestration

Topic and sentiment analysis

Gender detection

K-means clustering and community

Detection in Python/Scala/Spark

Images similarity with Spark & LSH

100+ stunning visualizations

Meet the manager behind the project
Francesco D'Orazio picture

Francesco D'Orazio

Pulsar Platform CEO

Francesco D'Orazio is one of those rare minds capable of anticipating changes and see spaces where no one sees them. His work has been featured in the likes of BBC, Guardian, CNN, Forbes, The Independent, Daily Mail, Mashable, Gigaom, Business Insider etc. Thanks to Francesco Extendi has had the chance of contributing in the growth of Pulsar.