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Thru is a Mobile App for events management and charity promotion.

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A new way of promoting charity

Via Thru event managers and organizers can invite VIPs and guests to an event. In order to get the event’s ticket, a donation is required. After the donation is processed the guest receives its ticket (via QR code).

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The Idea

We had been in the event industry for many years and over time we understood that there is no practical and easy way for inviting VIPs and guests to donate at an event. So we thought to create a Mobile App for solving this problem.

The mechanism

Usually, when an event is held, many free-tickets invitations are issued and given to VIPs and special guests. In order to promote a charity donation linked to the free ticked, we have created a flow that unlocks the free ticket only after a donation is made.

The app

Not only an event management platform! Through the app, event owners can edit and create events, invite guests, and share event content. Guests can accept invitations, see their list of upcoming events, get directions and make donations to unlock free tickets.

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Project Highlights

We used React Native for developing the IOS and Android app.

We automated the development and release process through Fastlane platform.

The backend runs on Ruby on Rails.

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