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Benefits of a microservice architecture

I will discuss microservices and why in the future they will be crucial for developing software solutions. Give this a read and you’ll learn why microservices will immensely benefit your organization!

Dario Calamandrei Head of Marketing and Sales Extendi

By Dario Calamandrei

Head of Marketing and Sales

9 June 2021

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At Extendi we have been developing software for over 15 years and during this time we have witnessed a substantial increase in delivery speed requirements. This phenomenon has gradually impacted the whole industry as now, more than ever, the world relies on information technology.

Microservices were born in order to accelerate application development, make structures more resilient, secure, and easily renewable. But first, let’s see what a microservice architecture is.

What is a microservice architecture?

The microservice approach revolves around the idea of building pieces of independent components with very specific functions and connecting them together via API. Instead of a monolithic application, microservicing allows merging all different components into a single piece of software that carries all the functionality of a traditional monolithic structure.

Let’s say you were to build a shopping app with this approach, you’d have: a products service, a checkout service, a shopping cart service, a user area service (with login settings, transaction history, favorites, etc) all linked together via API.

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Benefits of a microservice architecture

The main advantage of a microservice architecture lies in its decoupled structure. A decoupled structure permits separating frontend from backend and connecting them via APIs. This allows the frontend to be updated or changed without interfering with the backend: things like website, ecommerce, mobile and wearable devices’ apps, store totems, etc, can be modified, redesigned or added as the project progresses.

Monolithic Architecture vs Microservices 2

Our advice

Although the benefits are immense, building a microservice structure can be costly and challenging. At Extendi we have been using microservices for years and have broad experience in this field, this is why we suggest that if all you need is an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) it could be better to opt for a more rigid yet easy to develop solution and then, after product validation, shifting towards a microservices approach. On the other hand, if you need to develop a complex, futureproof and scalable solution, we recommend starting with the microservices, as the project unfolds you will obtain exceptional value from this decision. Contact us for more information or if you wish to talk about a project.


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Dario Calamandrei Head of Marketing and Sales Extendi

Dario Calamandrei

Head of Marketing and Sales

After a few years spent in consulting, Dario joined Extendi with the goal of boosting its market development. He is passionate about economics, sports, and music. He is an avid listener of Alain de Botton's and Rory Sutherland's talks.

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