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React Native & Expo

React Native is a mobile application development framework that allows developers to use the JavaScript programming language to build native apps for iOS and Android. Expo Go is a mobile application that allows you to test and view React Native apps in live mode. In this article, we'll explore how Expo and React Native can be used together to build high-quality mobile apps.

By Isidoro Allegretti

Marketing and sales

25 May 2023

React Native

React Native was created by Facebook to make it easier to build mobile applications using web technologies. The framework was introduced in 2015 and has since gained a large developer community due to its flexibility and ease of use. React Native allows you to build native apps for iOS and Android using a single source code. This means developers can write code once and make it available for both platforms, without having to write native code for each, and React Native uses a component-based approach, which makes it easy to create custom user interfaces and high quality.


Expo is a development environment that aims to simplify the mobile app development process, eliminating the complexities of managing dependencies, building and deploying applications. With Expo, developers can focus on building app functionality without having to worry about the underlying technicalities.

One of the main features of Expo is its wide range of pre-built components and APIs, which allow developers to access native functionality of mobile devices. Whether using the camera, geolocation, push notifications or sensors, Expo provides developers with a ready-to-use set of tools, eliminating the need to write custom native code.

But Expo is not limited only to the development aspect. The framework also offers solutions for building and publishing apps on official stores, such as the Apple Store and Google Play. Thanks to Expo, developers can build their iOS and Android applications directly from the command line, greatly simplifying the building and packaging process. Expo takes care of much of this technical complexity, allowing developers to easily generate the app's distribution package.

Publishing the app on the stores is a crucial step in reaching users, and Expo simplifies this aspect too. Developers can use it to manage app information, such as its name, icon, description, and thumbnail images. This avoids the need to make separate changes on different platforms. Furthermore, Expo offers the "Expo Over-the-Air Updates" service, which allows you to update the app quickly and without the need to publish new versions on the stores. This feature is especially useful for fixing bugs or providing new features to users, reducing deployment time and simplifying the app maintenance process.

Expo go

Mobile app development can be a complex process, with many steps and resources to manage. To streamline this process, Expo Go was introduced as a way to test React Native apps by allowing developers to view the app in real-time, making it easy to troubleshoot and fix errors.

To use Expo Go, developers must first create an Expo account and install the app on their computer. Once installed, Expo Go can be used to load the React Native application onto a mobile device, using the QR code generated by the Expo app on your computer.

Once the application is uploaded to Expo Go, developers can test it in real time and make changes to the source code to fix any problems. Expo Go also provides a series of debugging tools, which allow you to locate and correct any errors.


Expo is an essential tool for developers using React Native to build mobile apps. Expo simplifies the process of testing and troubleshooting React Native apps, enabling developers to build high-quality apps in less time. Furthermore, Expo offers a number of advanced features, making it possible to create customized and advanced mobile apps.


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