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Adopting custom software solutions

I will talk about custom software adoption’s barriers and how to overcome them. At Extendi we create custom software from start to end with in-house development teams. Over 15 years in the market of cutting-edge tech solutions.

Dario Calamandrei Head of Marketing and Sales Extendi

By Dario Calamandrei

Head of Marketing and Sales

22 April 2021

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Before joining Extendi I came from a consulting company where I’ve spent roughly 4 years working with enterprises both small and big. During those years I’ve learned about all the problems a company faces when its structure is not perfectly aligned with the direction the market is going, and this concept is valid across all industries I’ve seen.

So how can Custom Software help companies change their business and align their structure to their go-to-market?

Whether a company needs an easier way to deal with suppliers, a supply chain tool, a CRM integration, you name it, custom software is the solution. As simple as that. Or maybe not.

Embracing change

Most of the time the hardest part of embracing change is not linked to the difficulty of developing the technology nor the economical part of it, but it lies in the rather more subtle complexity of human resources’ requalification. This is why many times companies fail to adopt Custom Software.

Custom Software can radically change businesses only when it is built to empower the workforce in a step-by-step process where the organization can progress without the risk of breaking the equilibrium.

So if you are looking for Custom Software for your company the very first question you should ask yourself is how the tool will impact the organization in terms of human resources requalification. Only after developing a long term plan for the additional resources deriving from efficiency improvement you can jump into identifying the correct partners and technologies.

Sounds like common sense but trust me you have no idea how many times I’ve seen managers working on software solutions that would increase by far the efficiency of a process only to find out that there was no use for the human resources cut off, and that would eventually lead to a series of organizational obstacles.

Enabling employees through technology

A correct plan not only focuses on identifying how Custom Software can increase efficiency or simplify a process but most importantly focuses on how the new technology will enable employees to achieve higher standards and create long-term value for the company.

The correct introduction of new software and related best practices is vital to a company's long-term success as it should qualify its employees and model their approach to work.

Over the years Extendi has built software used by some of the most prominent companies in the Italian market and we have constantly succeeded in doing so because our approach to development has always been centered on tailoring solutions that can be easily adopted and understood by our clients and their workers in a continuous interchange of value.


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Dario Calamandrei Head of Marketing and Sales Extendi

Dario Calamandrei

Head of Marketing and Sales

After a few years spent in consulting, Dario joined Extendi with the goal of boosting its market development. He is passionate about economics, sports, and music. He is an avid listener of Alain de Botton's and Rory Sutherland's talks.

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