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The LocatorAPI ready for your projects

In today's digital age, creating location-based apps that are powerful and efficient has become imperative. Therefore we developed LocatorAPI, an API that provides a set of endpoints that allow you to retrieve and manipulate location-related data.

By Isidoro Allegretti

Marketing and sales

20 October 2023

Why did we develop the LocatorAPI?

What drove us to create LocatorAPI was a clear problem: existing location services often proved too inflexible for our tastes, plus building location-based features is often a long and complex process.

Several projects require location-related services, such as maps, geolocation, and location tracking. LocatorAPI is the solution that addresses this challenge, providing pre-built location-related functionality that can be easily integrated to ensure high reliability and feature richness for different applications.

Advantages of LocatorAPI

With LocatorAPI, you can focus on creating eye-catching frontends and let the API take care of location-related functionality.

  • Saves Time and Energy: Building location-based features from scratch requires significant amounts of time and energy. LocatorAPI greatly simplifies this process, speeding up project development.

  • Hosted solution: With LocatorAPI, infrastructure-related problems disappear. The solution hosted by Extendi guarantees maintenance, updates and support allowing greater concentration on feature development.

  • Scalability: LocatorAPI easily adapts to project expansion, making scalability one of the key benefits of LocatorAPI.

  • Headless Approach: LocatorAPI's headless approach is highly flexible and adapts to different configurations, making it ideal for projects that require customization and adaptability.

LocatorAPI applications

LocatorAPI opens up a world of opportunities:

  • For Retailers: Creating store or item location apps to improve the shopping experience. For example, it is possible to create apps that show store or product locations, presenting exclusive promotions and personalized suggestions.

  • For B2B Companies: Creating tracking apps for items, gear, teams or fleets. You could, for instance, design and develop a dashboard that displays all the machines currently running on a map.

  • For Startups: You can create localization apps for niche users, saving time and resources. An app that displays available properties for rent or sale on a map. Or an app that helps tennis enthusiasts find nearby tennis courts, view court availability, and make reservations.


The LocatorAPI is a revolutionary solution for developers and businesses who want to create powerful and easy-to-develop location-based apps. With LocatorAPI you can say goodbye to the difficulties of building location-based functionality from scratch.


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Isidoro Allegretti

Marketing and sales

A tech enthusiast and recent college graduate, he enthusiastically joined Extendi's marketing department. In addition to his passion for technology, he is a lover of nature and art.

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