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Why choosing Extendi as a tech partner?

I will go through some of the advantages of choosing Extendi as your tech partner. I will highlight the reasons why billion-dollar companies like Estra have chosen us, and how we helped startups move from small businesses to global companies, like Pulsar or Commerce Layer.

Dario Calamandrei Head of Marketing and Sales Extendi

By Dario Calamandrei

Head of Marketing and Sales

15 July 2021

Why choosing Extendi  as a tech partner - Extendi

Flexibility and speed

One of the things that managers and owners appreciate the most about our approach to work is our flexibility and responsiveness to their evolving demands. Many times we were brought in because consulting firms and big partners were not able to pivot as fast as required by the client. Our adaptability allows us to fill the gap between internal IT departments and big tech partners that are too slow to deliver due to their intensive adoption of procedures. Innovation should be incremental, fast, and disruptive, here is where Extendi comes in. Extendi is flexible and fast enough to quote, approve, start developing, and integrating software that a big consulting firm would simply take months to study pre-requirements.

No overheads, no overprice

Our organization is fairly lean and exceptionally organized. We are mostly software engineers and developers. We don’t have operating costs and incentivize remote working. This allows us to maintain a very competitive pricing strategy and offer premium developments for reasonable prices. Ultimately, is no secret that salaries are generally lower in Italy (where we operate) when compared to other countries from the northern EU, this has given us a competitive advantage over time. We are able to create value both for the client and our employees who are guaranteed some of the best benefits when compared to other industries or bigger companies.

No outsourcing, we do it all “in-house”

We do very few things (software development and AI) but we do them very well. We choose since the beginning to focus only on specific areas and decided to never outsource our services to third parties. Many times has occurred that clients asked us to do Digital Marketing or pure Visual Design for them but we always denied it. We care about preserving our integrity and keeping all the know-how in-house. So when clients assign a project to us they know that the project will be developed and supervised internally with maximum confidentiality.

Direct contact with operating project managers

We don’t believe in account managers and paper-pushers. We know that when clients have inquiries, they want to talk to someone who is actually able to understand and give an answer immediately. All of our “account managers” are actually people who have very technical knowledge and operating experience, they are able to use their intuition and experience to provide the best solutions for their clients without back and forth mailing and time waste.

We’ve seen it all

Working for both billion-dollar companies and startups has a great advantage. On one side we’ve learned to cope with the complexity of large structures, on the other we’ve experienced challenging scale-ups in some of the fastest-growing sectors.

Let’s take the example of Estra, one of the biggest Italian multiutility, for which we developed a complex software family. In this case, the requirements and elements of the project were very clear, but the big challenges were on how to integrate the software family within the already existing system. That was our added value compared to other software houses.

On the other hand, there are projects such as Pulsar where we have built from scratch the whole platform and systems used, from the ground up we’ve developed -and are still developing- the products that made Pulsar one of the most successful social media listening companies in EU. We’ve made sure that Pulsar’s growth could not be stopped by bottlenecks and we worked intensively with the idea of being ready for the company’s scale-up, which ultimately arrived.


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Dario Calamandrei Head of Marketing and Sales Extendi

Dario Calamandrei

Head of Marketing and Sales

After a few years spent in consulting, Dario joined Extendi with the goal of boosting its market development. He is passionate about economics, sports, and music. He is an avid listener of Alain de Botton's and Rory Sutherland's talks.

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