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Jamstack: Software for leading companies

What’s the key practice when it comes to delivering robust, secure, and easy-to-scale applications? Find out how your organization can benefit immensely from this approach in this article about Jamstack. At Extendi we have been using this architecture for delivering top-notch websites.

Matteo Alessani Extendi Founder

By Matteo Alessani


29 April 2021

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In modern days it is always harder to deliver robust, secure, and easy-to-scale applications. Creating software for leading companies can be very challenging if we think about the many problematics big projects present, such as:

  • Traffic spikes

  • Round-the-clock uptime

  • SEO optimization

  • E-commerce conversions

  • Security threats and vulnerability

  • New features and updates

Here we will discuss how Jamstack has helped us solve those tricky aspects. But first, let’s spend a couple of words on what Jamstack is.

Jamstack architecture

Jamstack Architecture

Jamstack is a new web development practice based on the core principles of pre-rendering the entire frontend and decoupling the front from the backend. JAM stands for JavaScript, API & Markup.

Nowadays APIs are used for almost anything on the internet, from e-commerce to content management, from AI elaborations to authentication mechanisms.

Decoupling business logic from presentation evolved on a new way of delivering applications directly from statically generated sites picking real-time contents just where it is needed.

In Extendi we have a deep knowledge of tools such as Gatsby and Next.js that deliver the modern and best in class applications for mission-critical businesses.

Jamstack advantages

So how does Jamstack come in hand when tackling problems?

Given the fact that with Jamstack an application is statically generated, we can handle traffic spikes easily because we don’t have to use server-side rendering for every single page requested. Every customization will be handled on the fly using requests to dedicated APIs.

SEO optimization and e-commerce conversions are crucial for every business. Time to first byte is a key factor to really improve and facilitate the success of an application. Using a Jamstack approach page load is blazing fast and users will receive the first byte in a matter of milliseconds. Whatever the user's location, static and CDN-served applications will be ultra-fast across the web because each request will be served from the closest possible location to the end-user.

Uptime is also guaranteed thanks to atomic deploys so that a new version of the application starts receiving requests when everything is in place and available. Moreover, using a CDN, the application is served not from a single entry point, but from a range of distributed locations removing the bottleneck of a single point of failure.

Security is no longer a problem, in fact most of the processing and sensible data are handled in the API layer reducing space for attacks on the frontend side.

Decoupling the frontend in such a way allows to architect the application in a microservice fashion so that each bit can be scaled, updated, and improved without influencing the rest of the system.


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Matteo Alessani Extendi Founder

Matteo Alessani


Matteo is an incredibly skilled software visionary with a deep knowledge of IoT systems, microservices, mobile apps, web applications, and e-commerce. He guides our teams of experts into the development of the best solutions for our clients.

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